The 2020 NFL Week 3 Point Spreads Update

Once again, the NFL season has opened, and fans like yourself might now be closely monitoring weekly point spreads odds to see the best lines. It is expected that this season of the NFL will be like no other.

To better understand the movement of the game, fans must constantly check the updates weekly. Here are the latest point spreads updates for Week 3 of this season’s NFL tournament.

Week 3: Opening and Current Lines Of the NFL Matchups

September 24, 2020

The Miami vs. Jacksonville is scheduled on September 24, 2020, at 8:20 pm Eastern Time. It is the first match on 2020 NFL Week 3, with an opening line of Jaguars-1 and the current line of Jaguars-2.5. The spread is +3 for the Dolphins and -2.5 for the Jags.

September 27, 2020

The second event for the 2020 NFL Week 3 will open on September 27, 2020. There are multiple matches to look forward to that day. The following matches will commence at 1 pm Eastern Time, with the respective point spreads:

       LA Rams vs. Buffalo Bills, with an opening line of Bills-3 and Current line of Bills-2.5

       San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants, with an opening line of 49ers-7 and a Current Line of 49ers-3.5

       Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia, with an opening line of Eagles-5.5 and current line of Eagles-6.5

       Tennessee Titans vs. Minnesota Vikings, with a current line of Titans-2.5 and opening of Vikings-1.

       Washington vs. Cleveland, with an opening of Browns-6 and a current line of Browns-7

       Chicago vs. Atlanta, with an opening line of Falcons-3 and current line of Falcons-3.5

       Houston vs. Pittsburgh’s match opening line is Steelers-5.5 and current Steelers-3.5

       Las Vegas vs. New England Match opening line is Patriots-5.5 and current Patriots-6.5

The second batch of the day is scheduled at 4:05 pm Eastern Time with the following matchups to witness:

       Carolina Panthers vs. LA Chargers, with an opening line of Chargers-6.5 and the current line of Chargers-6.5

       NY Jets and Indianapolis Colts, with an opening line of Colts-7 and current line of colts-10.5

       Dallas vs. Seattle’s opening line is Seahawks-3, and the current line is Seahawks-4.5.

       Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals matchup, with an opening line of Cardinals-3 and the current line of Cardinals-6.5.

       Tampa Bay vs. Denver’s, with an opening line of Buccaneers-3.5 and the current line of Buccaneers-6.

The day’s final match will be the Green Bay Packers vs. the New Orleans Saints, with an opening line of Saints-3 and the current line of Saints-4.5. The match between the Saints and the Packers will be happening at 8:20 pm Eastern time.

September 28, 2020

On the 3rd day of Week 3, fans will witness the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens, with the opening line of Ravens-2.5 and the current line of Ravens-3. The match between the two teams will be the last match of the 2020 NFL Week 3, which will begin at 8:15 pm Eastern Time.

A Quick Recap of Week 1 and Week 2

Here is a quick recap for the past two weeks of the NFL, with the top performance amongst the teams and highlights.

Week 1

It was the beginning of the NFL season. Still, the stadium looked empty as the league restricted spectators to witness the tournament live due to the threat of coronavirus. But despite the empty bleachers, players did their best to win each game.

The first week’s top three best performers are Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson, who led their team to victory by putting up huge numbers.

Week 2

In the second week of this year’s NFL season, the Chiefs scored 2-0 with the help of Travis Kelce after he hauled in eight out of ten targets for 103 yards. This allowed the Chiefs to score 27-20 against the Eagles.

It was a sweet victory for the Chiefs. Meanwhile, the Raiders defeated the Jets with 45-20. Tom Brady also had the best opportunity to avenge his team from the embarrassment in the season-opening event. He helped his team defeat the Saints with a score of 36-20.

These are the 2020 NFL point spreads for each week since the league has started. Week 4 will start on October 2, 2020, and until then, the fourth week of the league is still unknown. But with the available point spread of the first three weeks of the game, it can already give you an idea of what can possibly happen.      


The lists of every week’s point spread update will help you know which team can make it to the finals. The numbers on each week’s point spread acts as a hint of what will happen in the championship game.