The 24th-Best NFL Quarterback, Baker Mayfield –

The 24th-Best NFL Quarterback, Baker Mayfield

May 24th, 2023

The exhaustive film review is complete.

Baker Mayfield is the 24th-best quarterback in the National Football League.

That’s the verdict from NBC Sports analyst and former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms, as part of his annual spring quarterback rankings.

Joe likes the ranking, not because it’s special, but because it leaves Mayfield as the second-best quarterback in the NFC South behind Saints QB Derek Carr (his ranking has yet to be revealed). Considering the Bucs should have a stout defense, Joe can work with having the 2nd-best quarterback (allegedly) in the division.

Simms believes Mayfield was screwed by the Browns and the Carolina approach was miserable with Mayfield last season before head coach Matt Rhule was fired. Even Christian McCaffrey looked bad in that system, Simms explained.

Mayfield was “in some of the shi*tiest situations you can be in the last two years,” Simms said, referring to Mayfield playing hurt in the Browns’ quarterback unfriendly system and joining the mess that was the Panthers to start last season.

Drops hurt Mayfield a lot with Carolina, Simms added, and the Bucs quickly will learn that Mayfield has a trule “elite arm.”

Mayfield plays bigger than his size, Simms said, noting he looks like a quarterback that can see the whole field at all times despite being just a whisper over 6 feet tall.

On the negative side, Simms said Mayfield sometimes throws his big fastball when it’s unnecessary.

Simms ranked Mayfield 17th at this time last year.