‘The Wire’ star Chris Canton shot, feared he would die like character

“The Wire” actor Chris Clanton recently got shot in Baltimore — and feared he would die just like his character on the gritty HBO drama.

Clanton — who played gangster Savino Bratton — was injured last Thursday, becoming a victim of the violence “The Wire” highlighted, he told Fox 5 Baltimore.

“A shot rang out, and before I knew it I was blown up against a car,” the actor told the station, insisting he feared he would die.

A bullet pierced his ear and fragments lodged into his head, said the actor — whose character was shot in the head by Omar Little in Season 5 of the David Simon show.

“Now I can’t really hear out of this ear,” he told the station.

Clanton admitted he has had previous run-ins with the law, but believes he was an unintended victim of the shooting.

On HBO's "The Wire," Chris Clanton portrayed Savino Bratton.
On HBO’s “The Wire,” Chris Clanton portrayed Savino Bratton.

“I am pissed. I am pissed because it’s uncalled for,” he told Fox. “My son was not far from this incident. He was in the vicinity. Luckily, he didn’t see what happened,” he said.

While Chris Clanton loves the city of Baltimore, he admits "something has to change."
While Chris Clanton loves the city of Baltimore he admits “something has to change.”

Still, it is not yet enough to scare him off his troubled hometown.

“I’m from here, I love it … I’ll always embrace it. But something has to change,” he said.