Things You Should Not Do At A Blackjack Table

Blackjack is a highly popular casino games to date. It has a range of exciting features, has a very fast pace, which have contributed to the widespread popularity of this relatively simple casino game. Although many believe that the outcome of blackjack comes down to luck, there are some areas that you can use a strategy for.

To practice how you are going to approach the blackjack table in a casino, make sure you practice using online blackjack. It is also crucial that you avoid the following things during any game of blackjack.

Like most casino games, there is a standard code of etiquette which is expected to be followed by all players. Avoid standing out in the casino by avoiding these things at any blackjack table.

Slow Down The Game

Firstly, you should avoid disrupting the flow of the game. This can irritate the dealer and other players involved in the game. Try not to sit at the blackjack table because it typically defeats the objective of the fast-paced nature of the game overall.

Similarly, joining in the middle of a game is also frowned upon, because it can slow the game down significantly and cause a great deal of confusion. Try to avoid this and patiently wait until the dealer reshuffles the cards and assigns chips to join.

It is also important to avoid saying how you want to play out loud during a game of blackjack. Because the game happens within a very short time frame, every second counts. Players want to experience the adrenaline rush and the thrill of a game, and speaking with the dealer or to other players can disrupt this.

Make sure you are using hand signals during the game to avoid slowing everything down. These are swiping your hand from left to right over your cards for stand, holding your finger up after placing a second bet for hold. Other essential gestures to know are tapping the table for a hit, and making a split sign using your fingers after the second bet for a split.

Use A Continuous Shuffle Machine

In addition, you should avoid playing at any blackjack table that uses a continuous shuffle machine. These are known for significantly decreasing the chances of winning a game of blackjack in-house.

This is because, unlike pack dealing machines, continuous shuffle machines are constant. Try to avoid these if possible. While modern casinos will not have any of these machines at their tables, traditional venues tend to exhibit some older mechanisms for shuffling. Keep an eye out for the snail-like machines during blackjack, and avoid playing at these tables.

Touch The Cards

Another code of blackjack etiquette is to avoid touching the cards in any game. Dealers are always vigilant, and they can accuse you of cheating if they see you get a little too close to the cards.

Of course, this is usually nothing but superstition, however it isn’t worth the risk in this case. Try not to touch the cards during a game of blackjack in order to increase your odds of winning, and maximize your payout.

Drink Too Much

Casinos are highly immersive environments that encourage excessive drinking. However, it is crucial to avoid consuming too much alcohol if you are playing blackjack or any other casino game.

Drinking in a casino is highly risky, because you can end up placing larger bets on games which aren’t likely to make you any money. Avoid losing excessive amounts of money by keeping track of the number of drinks you are having in a casino.

If you feel like you are starting to lose awareness of your surroundings a little, then it is worth heading to the bar for a glass of water before your next game of blackjack. You could also head outside for some air to sober you up a little and stay focused on your strategy during blackjack.

Place An Insurance Bet

Insurance bets are something that players use to fall back on if their first choice is not as successful as they had anticipated. However, these are less effective when they are used in a game of blackjack. This is because you will end up spending more money than necessary.

Avoid placing insurance bets when you are playing blackjack in order to save your money in the long run. Blackjack is a highly competitive, fast-paced game, and you will soon learn from betting mistakes over time.

Whine About A Loss

Finally, it may not seem like an important thing to avoid, but you would be surprised by how many people whine about losses during a game of blackjack. This can ruin the experience for other players. Not only that, but it will make the dealer and other players lose respect if you come across as a sore loser.


It isn’t hard to appreciate what makes blackjack such a popular casino game to this day. Remember to be courteous of other players, and the dealer during any game of blackjack. It is also worth using online blackjack games to work on your technique ahead of time.