Thinking of camping – 5 gadgets not to leave behind

Going camping is always a good idea. Luckily, camping no longer has to be marred by inconvenience and discomfort. Gone are the days of hiking for hours to find a scrappy place in the woods to lay your head and then fetching logs to make a campfire, the comfort of camping is now limitless – we have levelled up. We now have nicely demarcated campsites, expensive artistically designed RVs, and the most luxurious camping tents that good money can buy.  Here are some essential gadgets you will need to take you from old fashioned stress filled camping to new school camping in style, comfort, and convenience. None of these gadgets need to break the bank, especially if you take advantage of the black Friday deals available in the month of November.

1. Bluetooth Rechargeable Speakers

Music makes everything better but for some unknown reason it never features as important on the camping list. We shouldn’t have to stop enjoying an exquisitely curated Spotify playlist in the car. Dancing and sing-alongs should not be limited to just the road trip to the campsite. Transform a quiet and potentially dull campsite by having a fully charged Bluetooth speaker that can last up to 12 hours. These speakers are also typically multi-functional, beyond providing sound for music and movies, some of these speakers are waterproof and can serve as cup holders.

2. Portable Power Station

Just in case you forgot to charge your speaker and other essential camping gadgets, there is no need to panic. Forget the days where we go camping resigning to fate that our phones will die and that will be the end of communication until we return to civilization. There are now portable power boxes shaped like small toolkit boxes, weighing less than 6 pounds put packing in all the power needed during a camping trip. A great example is the Projecta 12V portable power station and because Anaconda Black Friday is around the corner, you can get it for almost half its original price.

3. Portable Espresso Maker

If you cannot live without your morning coffee, you don’t have to just because you are going camping. Comfort is your birthright and so is your morning coffee with portable coffee makers like the Nanopresso maker from Wacaco or the Handpresso Hybrid. Both are easy to carry around, can use either pods or ground coffee and takes less than three minutes for water to heat up. Save for a small number of concerns when it comes to preference, what is most important is that these portable espresso makers do not usually require compressed air, electricity or cartridges to deliver high-quality brew, all you need are coffee beans and water.

4. Solar Lantern

Not all your camping gadgets need to be solely dependent on electricity or a power station to function even though these power boxes can be reliable. There are a plethora of diverse solar lanterns to choose from that provide more than 10 hours of light supply for your camp tents, and the surroundings, after just a single charge. A lot of them are also fully waterproof which allows for the option to take them along for aquatic camping activities.

5. Thermoelectric cooler boxes

A 12-Volt cooler that doesn’t only help you keep your drinks chilled but can also warm your food up when you need? Need I say more, every camper’s dream come true! Even if you enjoy the peculiar activity of throwing some food on the campfire, you do not have to leave behind wholesome food packed from home. Invest in a solar-compatible and/or battery powered cooler for your comfort as well as to save good money in the long run.

Before you go ahead and buy the next best cooler, make sure to check out this video of the best electronic coolers of 2020.

These gadgets will transform a typically tedious camping trip into one filled with comfort and luxury. It is time for camping trips like they have never been done before, that is, without all the stress, only the fun!