TLC Looking To Replace Browns With New Family?

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With Kody Brown losing three of his four wives, fans of Sister Wives argue the Brown family no longer has any business being on the TLC network as a polygamist family. In fact, some argue continuing to showcase the Brown family is actually damaging to the polygamist lifestyle as Kody Brown is the poster boy of how not to do things within this lifestyle.

Should the show be canceled? Or, do fans want to continue chewing on this family drama?

Rumor has it that TLC is actually ready to axe Sister Wives and they are presently looking into potential polygamist families to replace the Brown family.

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TLC looking to replace Sister Wives Brown family?

Sister Wives is hardly an appropriate name for a series that no longer features a man and his four wives. Fans argue this series has run its course and needs to be canceled. Sister Wives, however, has been a staple on TLC’s lineup for years. So, it makes sense that the network would need a solid replacement. Fortunately, TLC has both Seeking Brother Husband and Seeking Sister Wife as two viable options to pluck a family from for their own series.

Per a recent Instagram post from Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball the gears are already in motion for TLC to replace Kody Brown’s family with a new family of polygamists. The network has a casting call up right now to recruit new families and single polygamist women to join the cast of Seeking Sister Wife. Allegedly, the intent is to eventually pluck one of the families from the Seeking Sister Wife cast and offer them their own series to replace Sister Wives.

Fans can only assume the network would likely look at seeing which families on Seeking Sister Wife are well-received by the audience. Likewise, the network would also have to figure out which families are willing to agree to more intensive filming to produce a whole series focused on just them.

Seeking Sister Wife - Instagram
Seeking Sister Wife – Instagram

At the end of the day, there is a HUGE viewership with TLC that enjoy watching and learning about the polygamist lifestyle. Many have just grown tired of how toxic Kody Brown is. With more and more of the family’s skeletons falling out of the closet, it makes sense that TLC would be ready to back a new horse.

Do you think you could get behind a new series focused on a family other than the Browns? Let us know in the comments if you think Sister Wives should be canceled. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.