“To be honest, they will all die there”


Russian professional soldiers and mercenaries who have fought at the front [in Ukraine] told the media that nothing good awaits the mobilised in Ukraine; most of them will die. The full names of the soldiers and mercenaries are not disclosed for obvious reasons.

Source: [Russian outlet] Meduza


Kyrylo, a professional soldier: “To be honest, they will all die there [in Ukraine]. They are going to get hurt and die. This is not a trained army! For example, I have been serving [on a contract] for a long time, and fought my way [to the front] – and still turned out to be not ready. On the very first day, I realised that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.”

Anatoliy, a mercenary: “I don’t understand what this crowd will do there. If us professionals were f***ed up there, then what would happen to them? The best case scenario, they will remain in reserve [in the rear in Donbas]. The worst case scenario, they will die valiantly. [Just these] two options.”

Timur, a mercenary: “These 300,000 wannabe Spartans [obviously, a reference to 300 Spartans who perished in an uneven battle – ed.] will be the first to die. But that’s alright, they need to get used to reality a little. They were protected by the dome for many years, while we kept all this (NATO force) at a distance. But the Atlanteans’ forces are limited, too.”

Chingiz, a professional soldier: “I saw the incompetence of the Russian army there. We just kept moving forward, facing constant bombing. Then we stopped near Kyiv, dug in, and then we were bombed again. So much for a war.

An acquaintance of mine who was mobilised has to go there (to Ukraine) in two weeks. He is against the war. But the way he acts… I don’t understand him. “Okay, I’ve been mobilised, I can’t do much about it, so I’ll go.” So humble. I didn’t like it, so I tried to convince him. But he answers: “What, am I expected to go to jail for ten [years] or something? I’d rather help the boys.” This phrase is a common one: “I’d rather help the boys”… All the ordinary guys have already withdrawn from there.

I wondered where this humility came from. You seem to be trying to explain to people that Russia is an aggressor, [and] Putin is an aggressor; that “defence of the Motherland” in a foreign country, when cities are destroyed – it all looks somehow strange; that Ukraine did not attack first, and it was Russia that attacked [first]. But they have one argument: “Well, what if NATO had come! And, after all, the Khokhols [a derogatory Russian term for Ukrainians] are the Banderites!” That’s it. I don’t know where all of this [propagandist cliches – ed.] comes from.”


  • Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the partial conscription of Russian citizens in the morning of 21 September.

  • Serhii Haidai, Head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, reported that despite the fact that “partial conscription” in Russia was announced only a week ago, the first groups of conscripted reservists have already arrived at the front in Ukraine.

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