‘Today’ Host Explains Hoda Kotb’s Absence From Show

Fans of The Today Show finally have answers as to why Hoda Kotb has been missing from the morning program. Craig Melvin gave an update on Hoda, how she’s doing, and what’s kept her away. So, what’s the news? Keep reading to find out.

Today Crew Has A Shake Up

Hoda Kotb isn’t the only one missing from the set of Today either. Savannah Guthrie was pulled from the show after only hosting for about 30 minutes yesterday.

Savannah Guthrie talking to Drew Barrymore on 'Today' - YouTube

According to her co-host Sheinelle Jones, Savannah had to leave because she wasn’t feeling well. Being under the weather, Savannah took a COVID-19 test, which came back positive. So, she will be at home recovering.

Al Roker made a show of social distancing himself away from Sheinelle and where Savannah had been sitting. Many viewers found it comical. However, a lot of people are still wondering what’s going on with Hoda Kotb.

Hoda Goes MIA From Today

February 17 was the last time Hoda appeared live on the show. Since then, she has posted cryptic messages on her Instagram page. Many of her fans have expressed concern for her.

Hoda Kotb talking on 'Today' - YouTube

“Miss you on the Today show & Hoda & Jenna, hope you & your family are well♥️,” one person wrote in her comment section. Another chimed in, “Hoda, how are you? Are YOU OK? Love you🤗🤗.” A few folks even said that Hoda’s absence and the fact that no one was addressing it was causing them some kind of anxiety.

It’s clear that her fans are eager to see her back on the show. So, when is Hoda Kotb coming back?

When Is Hoda Kotb Coming Back?

One of the biggest things that has been concerning to fans is that no one has addressed Hoda’s absence on air or otherwise. Many people feared that she may have been let go from the show or seriously ill.

Finally, her co-host Craig Melvin commented on Hoda’s absence today. He acknowledged that Savannah Guthrie was gone and why. Then he said a few words about Hoda being gone as well.

“As for Hoda, we know some of you are wondering how she’s doing,” Craig Melvin said. “We can tell you, Hoda’s OK. She’s got a family health matter she’s been dealing with.”

Today shared the clip mentioning Hoda’s absence on Twitter with a message for both her and Savannah. “We’re sending our love to them both and can’t wait to see them in the studio soon.” 

For now, there is no news on when Hoda Kotb will be returning to Today. However, fans can rest assured that she’ll be back as soon as she can be.

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