Tony Duarte Reacts To Captain Lee’s Return

Below Deck newbie and deckhand, Tony Duarte reacted to Captain Lee Rosbach’s return. He was happy to see the “Stud of the Sea” back on the St. David superyacht. Tony took to Instagram to share an emotional post ahead of Monday’s show. Keep on reading for more details.

Tony Duarte shares emotional Instagram post

On Monday, February 27, Tony Duarte took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with Captain Lee Rosbach. Both of them smiled at the camera. Tony gave the “rock on” sign to the camera. He admit that he was happy about Captain Lee’s return.

“It’s time for the cap to be back!!!” Tony wrote in his Instagram post. “I would never forget how fun [it] was to work with you @captain_lee_rosbach. P.S. I still like your shoes.😉”

[Source: YouTube]

Below Deck fans took to the comment section to react. One wrote: “Yay!!! Welcome back, Captain Lee.” Another added: “Thank God!!” while a third wrote: “Can’t wait!!!!!!”

Most fans agree that it was worth the wait. Captain Lee Rosbach had to leave the charter season early due to medical issues. He experienced nerve damage in his leg after surgery. Captain Lee’s doctor cleared him for the charter season, but he experienced mobility issues.

He didn’t want to let his crew down. However, he felt that he was slowing them down. He made the difficult decision to step away for his own health. Captain Sandy Yawn filled in for Captain Lee while he was away. She was emotional about leaving the crew, especially when she helped them overcome their struggles.

Captain Lee Rosbach [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Captain Lee Rosbach returned to Below Deck

Captain Lee returned toward the end of Monday’s episode of Below Deck. He promised his crew that he would be back to fulfill his duties and he made that promise. There are just a few charters left before the end of the season. Fans were interested in seeing Captain Lee’s reaction to the nearly different crew upon his return.

He admitted that he didn’t like it when Captain Sandy went over his head and fired stew/deckhand Camille Lamb. In a previous episode, she also fired second stew, Alissa Humber. There are some new faces on board since Captain Lee left. It’s any wonder if he’ll mention this in next week’s episode.

Captain Lee Rosbach & Tony Duarte [Source: Tony Duarte - Instagram]
[Source: Tony Duarte – Instagram]

Below Deck fans were also looking forward to seeing them go head-to-head in the reunion episode. Alissa revealed that the reunion was canceled. She received an email from Bravo’s producers. It’s unclear why they canceled the reunion.

Also, Captain Lee isn’t returning to Below Deck after Season 10. There have been rumors about his future with the network. He might not be able to say anything until this season ends. What are your thoughts on Tony Duarte’s reaction to Captain Lee’s return? Sound off below in the comment section.

The next episode of Below Deck Season 10 airs on Monday, March 6 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. New episodes stream the following day on Peacock.

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