Trouble In Paradise For Michael & Amy Halterman?

Is there trouble in paradise for Michael and Amy Halterman? This is being said, especially in light of a recent 1000-Lb. Sisters episode. So, what is going on with the couple and parents of Gage and Glenn? Read on for more details.

Trouble In Paradise For Michael & Amy Halterman?

In recent 1000-Lb. Sisters episodes, Amy Halterman is seen struggling as she is now a mother of two. However, the biggest issue is that her husband, Michael does not offer much help. He could not be there for the first ten days of baby Glenn’s life as he tested positive for Covid. When he was all well and good, Amy and her boys returned home. Yet, fans quickly saw how Amy was doing everything alone, just having had a baby. This caused her to break down some because she needed help and a little respite.

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Now, according to The Sun, the couple has had a severe disconnect and is on the verge of divorce. Per an insider, Amy Halterman took her two sons and is now living with her sister, Tammy Slaton. The insider had this to share: “Amy says Michael is lazy, and has been jealous of her attention toward the kids. They’ve been having trouble since last year.” The couple has yet to release a statement regarding a split but fans are well-aware that Michael is lazy.

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Yet, upon seeing Amy’s Instagram, it is hard to tell what is exactly going on. She has postings that include Michael up until December. They even looked quite happy in October so if there are problems, they are very recent. It could be that Amy just needed a break and was excited that Tammy had finally come home after 14 months of rehab. Therefore, she went to spend some extra time with her sister. It will be interesting to see if Michael does step up as the season goes on.

A Sweet History

Michael and Amy Halterman met back when they were in high school. The two chose to elope in 2017 and then had a wedding almost four years ago. In November 2020, their first son, Gage was born and Glenn followed in July 2022. Unfortunately, Amy was high-risk as she had weight loss surgery. Yet, she kept living her best food life during both of her pregnancies, getting hospitalized each time for indigestion. On top of the stress of raising two babies, some of the cast, including Amy, are looking for more money from TLC. This makes sense as 1000-Lb. Sisters is a highly successful show for the network.

Do you think that there is trouble in paradise for Michael and Amy Halterman? More so, do you think Amy is covering it up by posting on social media not to break her contract? Or is this just a rumor based on a previous episode where Michael was being an inactive and unsupportive partner? Let us know and watch the show Tuesdays on TLC.

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