Trump allowed back on YouTube after two-year suspension

President Trump will be allowed back on YouTube after a more than two-year ban, the platform told The Post Friday.

The video-streaming service owned by Google suspended Trump’s account on Jan 12, 2021 in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot. 

YouTube public policy VP Leslie Miller said that beginning Friday, Trump can return to his channel with more than 2.5 million followers and is “is no longer restricted and the ability to upload new content is restored.”

“We carefully evaluated the continued risk of real-world violence, balancing that with the importance of preserving the opportunity for voters to hear equally from major national candidates in the run-up to an election,” Miller said in a statement. 

The announcement comes after Trump was allowed back on Facebook and Instagram as he mounts another run for President. He was also allowed back on Twitter but hasn’t been using his account.

YouTube restores Trump’s channel after an 2+ year suspension.

Trump clasping his hands together on stage.
Former U.S. President Donald Trump takes the stage to deliver remarks on education as he holds a campaign rally with supporters, in Davenport, Iowa, U.S. March 13, 2023.

His “channel will continue to be subject to our policies, just like any other channel on YouTube,” Miller added.

YouTube originally suspended Trump over concerns he would incite violence on the platform. The outlet initially said the suspension would last for “a minimum of seven days” and was extended for more than two years.

It’s unclear whether will use his YouTube account. As of late, he has been posting content on the video platform Rumble.