Twitter pokes fun at Canada’s denim Olympic closing ceremony look

Oh, Canada!

Sports and fashion fans alike are riled up over the Canadian Olympic team’s graffiti and denim-clad outfits for the closing ceremony, taking to Twitter to poke fun at the designs.

The country’s closing ceremony look for the team is reminiscent of a “Canadian tuxedo” — a colloquial term for wearing a denim shirt or jacket with jeans. The distressed blue-jean jackets, designed by Hudson’s Bay and Levi’s, will be decorated with maple leaves and graffiti-style writing paired with white bottoms.

Fans expressed their confusion and hurled jokes on social media after the Canadian team unveiled the new looks. “I am screaming. This is Canada’s closing ceremony fit. Cancel the Olympics,” one wrote on Twitter alongside a photo of the jackets.

“Ahhh yes Canada going with the ’20-something girl at brunch’ lewk for the closing ceremonies this Olympics,” tweeted another user.

The 2020 Summer Olympics, postponed a year by the coronavirus pandemic, will be held this year in Tokyo from July 23 until August 8 with spectators from overseas banned from attending.

The distressed blue-jean jackets are designed by Hudson's Bay and Levi's.
The distressed blue-jean jackets are designed by Hudson’s Bay and Levi’s.
Finn O’Hara/Team Canada

The American Olympic team will be rocking all-white ensembles designed by Ralph Lauren, which has been creating looks for Team USA since 2008. The outfits will include a signature Ralph Lauren polo, a drawstring jacket, a striped red, white and blue belt, Team USA patches, white sneakers and navy masks. “Following a year marked by isolation and strife, this Summer’s Games are a true testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and the universal power of sport to energize and unite the world,” David Lauren, chief innovation and branding officer and vice chairman of the board, said on Instagram where he unveiled the outfits.

“As we come together to celebrate and compete, we must also embrace our responsibility to protect the planet we all call home. As part of this, we are proud to continue to invest in and scale sustainability innovations — dressing our nation’s best and brightest athletes in timeless clothing that has been consciously created,” he added.

The jacket features the Canadian flag and graffiti designs.
The jacket features the Canadian flag and graffiti designs.
Finn O’Hara/Team Canada

One Twitter user compared the American and Canadian looks and joked that they were costumes for a bad ’80s movie. “The U.S. vs Canada Olympic outfits look like the plot of a bad 80s camp film where the freaks/geeks have to overcome the preppies,” the commenter said.

“Wow the Tokyo Olympic fits for Canada are god fukken awful lmao,” another joked on Twitter. “Can someone start a GoFundMe for Canada’s Olympic Team so they don’t have to wear uniforms created by a 5th grader?” one fan asked.