Vandals Trash West Hartford Golf Course: Police

The manicured greens at the golf course were badly damaged, to the tune of $25,000 on Thursday, police said.

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WEST HARTFORD, CT — The month of May has been far from merry at West Hartford’s Rockledge Golf Course, with reports of property damage there a regular occurrence, local police said.

Most recently, the West Hartford Police Department said Friday, $25,000 worth of damage was reported to the course, which is a public course owned by the Town of West Hartford.


The WHPD posted images of the vandalism, with the courses carefully manicured greens gouged out with holes and the sod damaged.

As a result, the WHPD has increased patrols in the area of Rockledge, which is located at 289 S. Main St.

The West Hartford PD has increased patrols in the area and are investigating, but it said it needs the public’s assistance to spread the word.

The WHPD is asking neighbors to remain vigilant and contact law enforcers if they see suspicious activity on the course.

The reported incidents happened during the evening and overnight hours.

Anyone with information is asked to contact us at 860-523-5203 or utilize the WHPD tip line/email at (860) 570-8969 /[email protected].

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