‘VR’ Producer Speaks Out About Raquel Leviss Pregnancy Rumors

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Vanderpump Rules producer is speaking out about the Raquel Leviss pregnancy rumors that have been flying. A TikTok went viral that said that Raquel is allegedly in hiding and expecting a baby with Tom Sandoval. So is this true?

Rumors Raquel Leviss Is Pregnant

It has already been confirmed that something is going to come out on the reunion that the entire Vanderpump Rules cast didn’t know about. What that is hasn’t been revealed just yet, though. One rumor was that it was the rumor that Raquel Leviss was pregnant. Another rumor is that Lisa Vanderpump may have known about Scandoval for a lot longer than she admits. One other possibility is that Jax Taylor or Kristen Doute is coming back next season. It probably isn’t that considering that Vanderpump Rules is on hold right now and they haven’t even confirmed who will be back next season.

Raquel Leviss has been in hiding, but she is saying that she is in a treatment center working on her mental health. The TikTok said that instead, she was with family hiding a pregnancy.


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Producer Speaks Out

Page Six got the chance to talk to executive producer Alex Baskin on Tuesday night. This was at The Aster in Hollywood, California. It turns out that Alex is denying these rumors. The thing is he probably wouldn’t admit to them if they were true and there is even a chance that he doesn’t know. Here is what he had to say about the rumors Raquel is pregnant.

“The pregnancy one was wild. She’s not pregnant by the way.”

He then went on to share how Raquel Leviss is doing now saying, “I have not directly spoken with her. She’s been a little bit cut off. We’ve gotten good reports back from her team — who are taking care of her — and from her family as well. I think it’s a good thing for her to take a minute down and sort of assess where she is.”

Lala Kent isn’t pregnant yet, but she did confirm today that this summer she plans to work with a sperm donor. It would be pretty surprising if a pregnancy announcement comes out on the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Do you think there could be any truth to the rumors Raquel Leviss is pregnant? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Vanderpump Rules on Wednesday nights on Bravo.