Well-Known NBA Bust Takes Shot At LeBron James

Getty Image / Harry How

To the surprise of just about nobody in the sports world, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers being swept by the Denver Nuggets has brought out some hot takes on LeBron’s career.

Yesterday it was LeSean McCoy who said that getting swept by the top seed in the West and favorite to win the title somehow hurts LeBron’s legacy.

Today, somebody who had a whole lot less success in their career as a professional athlete decided to chime in with their thoughts on LeBron James’ career.

Notable NBA bust Kwame Brown went on a 7-minute rant about how LeBron isn’t the guy that his stats make him appear to be because of a flop during Game 4 and his inability to get a shot off at the end of the game.

Brown at least had the awareness during his rant to acknowledge that he was a bust during his NBA career and said that he is making this assessment as a fan.

Still, it’s hard to take somebody that was once called a “bonafide scrub” by Stephen A Smith during their career seriously when they are questioning the legacy of the 2nd best player in league history.

Stats are certainly a large part of LeBron’s resume. He holds a ton of NBA records including the league’s all-time scoring record.

However, just about anybody who has ever watched LeBron can tell you that he has been a dominant force throughout his career whether you think he’s “the guy” or not.

Even in the game that led to these complaints from Brown, LeBron posted a stat line of 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists at 38 years old.

What more do you want could Kwame want from him?

Should LeBron have been more aggressive in the 2nd half after dominating the first half? Probably.

He still put together a great performance, but came up just short in the end.

Even as somebody who believes Michael Jordan is the GOAT, I think it’s time that we stop nitpicking LeBron James’ legacy after performances like this.