‘We’re Not Just Playing Golf But Impacting Communities’: Bryson DeChambeau Displeased With LIV Golf’s Portrayal, Contrary to What It ‘Deserves’

The second major of the season is over, but the discussion about it isn’t! The most prominent discussion that has been taking over ever since Brooks Koepka’s win is that a LIV golfer has won a major championship. A LIV golfer’s major victory had broken the shackles of allegations against them of playing a mediocre game of golf. Bryson DeChambeau is now the latest player to jump into the discussion about what Sunday meant for LIV Golf, and the league’s portrayed image.

Now, DeChambeau has taken a stand for the league, defending it after what happened on Sunday in New York.

Bryson DeChambeau shares his thoughts about the portrayal and people’s perceptions of LIV Golf


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LIV Golf is now in Washington, DC, at ex -President, Donald Trump’s Trump National Golf Club, for its next event, scheduled from May 26 to May 29. The enthusiasm and thrill that LIV golfers will have here are expected to be quite different because of what happened on Sunday in New York at Oak Hill.

In his press conference before the event, DeChambeau was questioned about the impact that Sunday has had on changing people’s perceptions of LIV Golf. The 29-year-old golfer replied that the Saudi-backed leaguedeserves to be mentioned a lot more in a better light than what it is.”

The eight-time PGA Tour winner also shared about the time when LIV players went to Lindsey’s house in Tulsa and how “eye-opening” the experience was. He said that their league has been doing amazing work for not just the golfers, but the community as well. The golfer said that it felt extremely fantastic to see what the players and the league had done in Tulsa.

Concluding his remarks about the good that LIV golf is doing and how it deserves better, the golfer said, “I think the more people start to realize we’re not just playing golf, but impacting communities.” He also spoke that he hopes that the Saudi-funded league is seen in a better light in the future.

The 29-year-old also shared his thoughts about Saudi players playing in the major championships.

DeChambeau’s take on LIV golfers playing in major championships


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The 2020 US Open winner said that he feels that LIV golfers are just as qualified and skilled to play in the major championships. Taking on the point that LIV players are not that skilled as they are not used to playing 72 holes, he said, “Yeah, look, it proves that we can play in major championships; it proves that the schedule is good enough for us to win major championships.”

USA Today via Reuters

He also looked back to the amazing show that his fellow LIV golfers had put on in the major championship, and one of them went ahead and won. He said that in spite of being an individual sport, players in the league not only play for themselves but for their team as well, which is what makes it even better.


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So what do you think of Bryson DeChambeau’s remarks about how LIV Golf deserves much better than its tarnished image? Let us know your take in the comments below.