What she looked like before plastic surgery

Bre Tiesi has undergone quite the transformation. 

Resurfaced photos of the “Selling Sunset” star, 32, show what she looked like before plastic surgery. 

She notably rocked wavy, cascading hair and a generally softer look years ago — a stark contrast to the sexy image she embodies today, emphasized by sharp facial features and luscious lips. 

Tiesi appeared at many events in the late aughts with then-boyfriend Nick Hogan, whom she dated from 2008 until 2011.

More than a decade later, she not only has a new face but a new famous Nick in her life: fabled father of 12, Nick Cannon. 

Bre Tiesi before plastic surgery
Bre Tiesi looked like a different woman years before she was cast on Netflix’s “Selling Sunset.”
Nock Hogan and Bre Tiesi
Tiesi was a red carpet fixture in the late aughts when she dated Nick Hogan.
Bre Tiesi and Nick Hogan at an event.
The pair dated from 2008 until 2011.
Getty Images

Tiesi — who shares 10-month-old son Legendary with Cannon, 42 — has bolstered her fame by joining Season 6 of “Selling Sunset.”

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Her appearance on the glossy series has prompted fans to ask about the cosmetic work she’s done, which she revealed in a recent Instagram Story Q&A. 

A still of Bre Tiesi on "Selling Sunset"
Tiesi’s new image is emphasized by her sharp facial features and luscious lips. 
Bre Tiesi in glam
The real estate agent has openly discussed the many cosmetic procedures she’s undergone.
Bre Tiesi walking outside
“I’ve tried literally everything,” she said.
GC Images

“I have had my nose done, I’ve had my boobs done, I’ve done filler, I have done Botox, I’ve tried literally everything,” she disclosed on Monday. 

“Kybella, Morpheus, like, I just did a CO2 laser. I’ve done a ton of lasers.”

Tiesi added that she and her best friend will be “the guinea pigs for anything you can do to fossilize and keep this forever.”

Bre Tiesi on "Selling Sunset."
Many fans have compared Tiesi’s current look to Hollywood bombshell Megan Fox.

A portion of “Selling Sunset” fans have questioned if Tiesi’s current look is at all inspired by Hollywood bombshell Megan Fox. 

“Not really sure what you’re talking about,” she said in response, while playfully rolling her eyes. “This is my face.” 

The real estate agent joked about her enhancements while showing a home to Saweetie on “Selling Sunset,” which returned to Netflix on May 19. 

Bre Tiesi on "Selling Sunset"
The reality star joined Season 6 of “Selling Sunset.”

Tiesi told the “My Type” rapper, 29, that the “only thing fake in the house” was the faux grass in the garden.

“Besides maybe my hair,” she added, “and my boobs … and my nose.”

So far, Tiesi has been an open book on the unscripted series, also detailing the ins and outs of her unconventional “open relationship” with Cannon. 

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi at the pumpkin patch with their son.
Tiesi shares a child with Nick Cannon.

Tiesi fiercely defended her dynamic with the “Masked Singer” host when fellow Oppenheim Group employee Chelsea Lazkani passed judgment.

“Who I have children with is my business,” she said to Lazkani, 30. “I don’t need a judge or jury.” 

Season 6 of “Selling Sunset” is available to stream on Netflix.