‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant blows answer, bagel fans revolt: ‘Absolute dimwit’

A cheesy oversight almost cost a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant thousands in prize money.

Angie Gautney, a teacher from North DeLand, Florida, appeared on Wednesday’s episode of the beloved game show, in which two tricky letters nearly separated her from taking home $7,300.

All she had to do was fill in the correct letters during a “Food and Drink” category puzzle that already spelled out “Warm toasted ba_els with lo_ and cream cheese.”

Gautney correctly guessed the incomplete first word to be “bagels” but then guessed that the second was “low” instead of the correct “lox,” which is brined salmon that originated in Scandinavia.

But it was the New York Jewish community that popularized lox on a bagel with cream cheese. It remains a favored breakfast item on the East Coast.

She finally asked for an “X” to be placed on the board and proudly read aloud, “Warm toasted bagels with lox and cream cheese.”

“Yeah, that’s a much better recipe,” host Pat Sajak quipped.

But while a passionate number of lox lovers flocked to Twitter, asking how Gautney seemingly didn’t know what lox is, others also admitted to not being familiar with the ingredient.

Contestant Angie Gautney is a teacher in North Deland, Florida.
Contestant Angie Gautney is a teacher in North DeLand, Florida.
Wheel of Fortune/Sony Pictures

“What is Lox? Never heard of it. I’ve seen much worse Wheel of Fortune screw-ups,” one user noted, while another stated that they would “never show my face again” if they guessed “low” instead of “lox.”

“My dad and I were APPALLED my mom was more understanding but I feel like Florida has so many NY transplants she should have known!” the tweeter continued.

“The absolute verbal abuse my mom and I screamed at this lady on wheel of fortune who didn’t know what lox was,” one more person shared.

“In the entire 500,000 year history of wheel of Fortune, these may be the single absolute dimwit contestants I have ever seen, and I mean that in the purest fashion. Who’s never heard of LOX #WheelOfFortune,” another person asked.

Gautney was a good sport, at least: She even made fun of herself on her Facebook account, promoting her appearance beforehand by noting that there would be “a few embarrassing moments.”

'Wheel of Fortune' contestant couldn't solve food puzzle that was only missing two letters
Twitter users questioned how the answer to this puzzle wasn’t immediately obvious.
Wheel of Fortune/Sony Pictures

The fishy fiasco joins the list of other recent “Wheel” snafus — mostly at Sajak’s expense. The show’s official Twitter account even poked fun at the longtime host’s viral reaction to a player who needed another rundown of the rules just this week.

In December, viewers fumed when he sort of complimented his daughter Maggie, 27, who many fans think will take over for her dad when once he eventually retires. Another weird moment occurred when a contestant nearly flushed thousands of dollars down the drain when she couldn’t solve a bonus round puzzle — and flustered Sajak in the process.