‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player’s Answer Has Fans Saying ‘WTF?’

A Wheel of Fortune player made the wrong answer that cost them money. It had many viewers at home wondering “WTF?” This took place during a recent broadcast of the game show. Even host Pat Sajak was baffled at their response. Keep on reading to learn more.

Pat Sajak was shocked by a wrong answer

On Monday’s broadcast of America’s Game Show known as Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak couldn’t believe what he heard. Contestant Michelle guessed the answer for the category “Save Room for Dessert.” It had four words that most could guess. There were only four letters left in the puzzle. Michelle said “Tort” instead of “Tart.”

She guessed: “Tort, brownie, pie, pudding!” Pat Sajak was shocked by her response. He couldn’t believe what he heard. The puzzle looked for the answer: “Tart, brownie, pie, pudding.” He said: “That’s not correct.” Pat looked at Michelle with a stunned expression on his face.

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“I’m sorry,” Pat added. “It’s okay,” Michelle responded. Another Wheel of Fortune player named Alex correctly guessed the puzzle. He ended up with $65,000 at the end of the game. “Yeah, we got the ‘tort’ instead of the ‘tart,’” he explained.

Wheel of Fortune fans took to Twitter to react. They couldn’t believe their ears either. Most of them exlaimed”WTF” on the social media app. Needless to say, some fans on Twitter noted that “tort” is a legal term, not a dessert. “Torte” is actually a dessert, but it has five letters, while the one on the board only had four.

  • “Did she say TORT? WTF?”
  • “#WheelofFortune TORT!”
  • “May I have a raspberry tort?”
  • “My mother: Who the hell says torte!!”
  • “Tort?!”

This was puzzling to the viewers. The board was obvious to them. It’s common for the contestants to flub during the game show. It can happen, especially when they’re nervous.

Wheel of Fortune player forgets pronunciation

On another broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, another player named Barbara forgot how to pronounce a word that was spelled out on the board. When it was her time, she said, “Taking some time for myself.” However, she forgot the “some” part and responded: “Taking time for myself.”

Wheel of Fortune fans didn’t chide her for the mistake as they did with Michelle. Most of them shared that they felt bad for Barbara. She missed out on the prize because of the flub. Some of them took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Dessert Puzzle [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

“Barbara left off a fully spelled out word in an attempt to solve the puzzle and missed out on a trip to Costa Rica. I feel so bad for her!” one fan wrote.

What are your thoughts on the Wheel of Fortune player’s puzzling answer? Do you agree with the fans? Sound off below in the comment section.

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