When Is ‘Gold Rush’ Spinoff ‘Hoffman Family Gold’ S2 Premiere?

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Todd Hoffman is back with his family mining gold. However, this season there will be a new challenge. When will Todd Hoffman’s Gold Rush spinoff Hoffman Family Gold Season 2 premiere?

We have the latest details on the second season of this Discovery series.

Gold Rush Spinoff Hoffman Family Gold Is Back For Season 2

Gold Rush OG Todd Hoffman is back with another season of Hoffman Family Gold. When do we know about this upcoming spinoff? According to Pop Culture, Todd Hoffman, his father Jack Hoffman, and son Hunter Hoffman are headed back to Alaska to fulfill Jack’s dream of striking it rich mining gold.

The trio and the Hoffman crew are returning to Mammoth Valley Mine. They are going to face all sorts of adversities. This includes crazy Alaskan weather, equipment issues, and a crew that all get along, but lack any mining experience.

However, Todd is ever the optimist and is determined that this is the year. He is already starting the season out in the hole. He has purchased new equipment that has left him three-quarters of a million dollars in debt.

Moreover, he will be running two washplants. Why would Todd do that?

Todd Hoffman, Gold Rush Hoffman Family Gold - Instagram
Todd Hoffman, Gold Rush Hoffman Family Gold – Instagram

Father VS Son In Gold Rush Spinoff

In the new Gold Rush spinoff, Hoffman Family Gold, there will be a friendly family competition. That means the Hoffman crew will be running two washplants. The reason is that Hunter Hoffman wants to run his own claim. Therefore, there will be another washplant besides Holy Roller.

Fans of the OG series will certainly remember that Hunter wants to run his own show. Now, he is determined to prove himself to his father, and his grandfather. That means a lot of drama at the claim and in the gold room.

The Discovery statement warns that the mercurial father and son work relationship will be a big part of the show. They state, “Relationships will be put to the ultimate test as viewers learn if the Hoffman familial bond is worth its weight in gold.”

What sort of goal do the Hoffmans want to achieve? How about 1,000 ounces of gold? The price of gold is just $50 shy of two grand. Therefore, they stand to make a couple of million if they can achieve this lofty goal.

However, can the Hoffmans focus on gold instead of their interpersonal conflicts? You will have to watch out to see.

When Is The Premiere Of Hoffman Family Gold Season 2?

The premiere of the Gold Rush spinoff Hoffman Family Gold is on Friday, June 16, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery.

Gold Rush fans, will you be tuning into Hoffman Family Goal Season 2? How many ounces of gold do you think the Hoffman crew will get this season? Please share your predictions in the comment field below.