Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Mama June’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t a new episode of Mama June: Family Crisis on tonight? The new season has only aired three episodes and now, week four is a series of repeats. So, what is going on and when will the show be back with episode 4? Read on for more details.

No New Episode Of Mama June On Tonight?

The new season of Mama June just started May 5th and already, repeats are airing. Last week was an interesting one as June and her husband, Justin Stroud are trying to plan their big wedding. First, though, his family wants to have a bridal shower for him and June. She goes flower shopping with his mother, Mam Dukes but she never tells her MIL the truth. Mama Dukes believes that June has a great relationship with her daughters. More so, she thinks that they will be participating in the wedding festivities and be excited to do so but this is false.

Pumpkin/Mama June/YouTube

Mama June tries to call Pumpkin and Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson but they do not answer. Justin is starting to get a little upset with June as she is portraying this happy family life when that is just not the case. Pumpkin soon learns about the shower through her Aunt Doe Doe who was contacted by Justin’s mother. She sent invites to June’s family via social media which did not sit well with Pumpkin. Her mother complains about child support for Alana but she is dropping top dollar for a wedding. It does not track so she declines for her and her sisters but Doe Doe goes.

Doe Doe/Mama June/YouTube
[Doe Doe-YouTube]

At the shower, Justin’s family is clearly the biggest fans of the show and Honey Boo Boo. They ask where the girls are and are visibly upset when only Doe Doe shows up. Yet, June has one trick up her sleeve and that is her long-estranged daughter Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell. She drove to the shower right after having surgery and did not look happy at all. So, why is the show a repeat, and when will it be back?

When Will The Show Be Back?

Rest easy. Mama June: Family Crisis is only on a break this weekend because of Memorial Day. Tonight, the first few episodes will be shown so fans can catch up. Then, it will return Friday, June 2nd with an all-new episode. June will have to find a way to rectify her relationship with all of her girls for her dream wedding. More so, it will be interesting to see more of Anna after being absent for so long

Are you upset that there is not a new episode on this evening? Let us know and watch Mama June: Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.