Will Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life’ Be Renewed For Season 3?

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Netflix’s erotic drama series Sex/Life has hooked subscribers for two seasons and now fans await its renewal. The controversial show premiered on streamer in June 2021. However, it opened up to unfavorable reviews. After Season 2’s premiere on March 2, 2023, it still received a poor reception. Yet, the storyline received a favorable response from the general public. Now, fans are curious if the show will be renewed for a third season. Keep reading to find out the details!

Sex/Life Centers On Billie Connelly And Her Fantasies

Inspired by the novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton, the story of Sex/Life centers on Billie Connelly. The protagonist leads a normal marital life in Connecticut with a faithful husband Cooper Connelly and two beautiful kids. However, viewers soon witness things falling apart in her life due to her sexual frustration. She starts reminiscing about her days as a wild party girl and keeps herself occupied with sexual fantasies about her ex-boyfriend Brad.

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After the second season of Sex/Life, fans saw Billie attempt to move on after the Brad Simon heartbreak. However, she once again dipped her toes into the dating pool. Yet, her romantic journey with a new man brought her right back to Brad. Billie’s love life wasn’t off to a good start as she was heartbroken over her divorce from Cooper. However, the thing that made the matter worse was the fact that Brad had already moved on with another woman.

Billie Connelly Reveals She Is Pregnant With Brad’s Child

This prompted her to look for another man which is when she met Majid, who treated her very well. However, the only problem was, he wasn’t ready to be a father to Billie’s kids. Sure enough, this was a deal breaker for Billie who decided to end things with Majid. The mother of two soon found out that the breakup happened for a bigger reason. She soon bumped into Brad at her friend’s wedding.

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After Brad admitted that he only ever had eyes for her, the pair ended up getting married. Soon, Billie revealed that she was pregnant.

Sex/Life Gave Billie Her Happy Ending

At the time of writing, as reported by Decider, Sex/Life hasn’t been renewed for Season 3. The show is currently doing well in most countries and has ranked in the top 10 on Netflix. However, as mentioned earlier, it also received negative responses from reviewers.

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Moreover, it also looks like Billie’s tale doesn’t have any more drama left from a narrative perspective. Given that she got her happy ending with Brad, it is possible that Sex/Life might not receive a third season. However, the decision ultimately depends on the makers and the streamer itself.

So, would you want to see Sex/Life to be renewed for a third season? Share your thoughts in the comments!