You need to have brain of a genius to spot secret optical illusion hidden in the New York Islanders NHL logo

The optical illusion in the New York Islanders logo has a particular historical meaning. 

The NHL’s Islanders pay tribute to their former New York arena location with a nifty hidden gem in the logo. 

Can you spot the one optical illusions in this NHL logo?Credit: Getty
New York Islanders were founded in 1972Credit: Getty Images – Getty

The NHL team logo has one optical illusion hidden in it.

Can you guess what they are from looking at the image?

You only have a few seconds to figure it out if you want to call yourself a genius.

Here’s a hint. Focus on the map of Long Island in the team logo, which shows the eastern part of the island covered by Nassau and Suffolk counties.

In 2021, the Islanders opened a new stadium in Elmont, just over the border with Queens in Nassau County.

However, team home games used to take place in the Nassau Veterans Coliseum in Uniondale, about eight miles east. 

The “I” in the team logo in Islanders points to the spot where the old coliseum was located.

It’s a bit challenging to catch at first glance.

But if you look closely at the “I,” it directs you to that little part of the outline of Long Island. 

This isn’t the only optical illusion in sports, though.

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