Zack Snyder Birthday Special: From Man of Steel to Watchmen, 5 Best Films of the Director That Prove He is a Great Visionary Filmmaker

Perhaps one of the most talked about directors in the world, Zack Snyder has built off a career by making films that thrive and remain alive through the power of discourse. All of his films, while divisive in the eyes of many, have stood the test of time because of how much they are constantly talked about. I guarantee you that there is not a single day on Twitter where you wouldn’t see one of his films being discussed. Zack Snyder Birthday Special: From Flash Reversing Time to Batman Warehouse Fight, 6 Best Sequences From the Justice League Director’s Films!

Dabbing his hands in comic book properties and building zombie escapades, Snyder has that peculiar style that makes him stand out so much. All of his projects are united by a singular vision, and that’s what makes him such a compelling director. So, with Zack Snyder turning 57, let’s celebrate his birthday by ranking five of his best films.


Adapting the Frank Miller comic book of the same name, 300 was what brought Snyder into the fold of big budget blockbuster filmmakers. Focusing on the fictionalised retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae, the film is lead by an excellent set of visuals and a great Gerard Butler performance that easily makes it a great adaptation.

Dawn of the Dead

Remaking George A Romero’s classic, Dawn of the Dead is Snyder’s directorial debut. A great retelling of the original film with a fresh new coat of paint, Snyder nails the feeling of dread here. The zombies are threatening and the main cast is fun to follow, it’s all fueled by Snyder’s peculiar eye for horror.


Watchmen was the first movie that really saw Snyder flex his visuals, and oh boy, did it make for a hell of a time. Adapting the comic that was deemed “unfilmable” and is considered as one of the best pieces of literature ever, the film is faithful to the idea of what made the comic stand out so much.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

What a moment of redemption for Snyder, his cut of the Justice League was a triumph. After having the movie taken from him and being retooled into a Frankenstein’s Monster, the 2021 recut proved that Snyder’s version was infinitely better and brought this iconic team from the comics onto the screen in such a special way.

Man of Steel

Reimagining Superman for a modern age, Snyder crafted a grounded story that got up-close and deep into the character’s life. With the threat of General Zod over the planet, Superman must act as a bridge between the planet and Krypton, and what makes it so special is just how much he reinvents the character, but still keeps his core essence intact. With some spectacular action scenes, this is definitely his best work. Henry Cavill Birthday Special: From First Flight to Fighting Zod, 5 of the Actor’s Best Moments as Superman!

With Rebel Moon coming out this year, we can’t wait to see what Snyder has for us in store next. With this, we finish off the list and wish him a very happy birthday.

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